Contract management for

Legal Advisors

Ensure efficiency, manage risk and maximize compliance for your Legal Department.

Stay in control and promote compliance while reducing manual tasks, workload, and human error.

Scale your legal team

Greater control for legal teams

One of the main concerns of legal teams working on contracts is control. Existing legal contract management solutions that seek to increase efficiency often compromise control. Seedfy is different.

The Seedfy platform allows the legal team to configure and make use of their own contract models. It automates the drafting process and end-user permission levels, making it easy for everyone on the team to always use the correct model and never make unapproved changes.

A contract legal structure

Efficiency in your contract management, without losing control

The essence of Seedfy is that your team members without legal knowledge can create fully legal contracts by filling out a simple form. In general, this will allow you to focus your time on that job that requires more legal knowledge.

Start with Seedfy and use a modern solution aligned to your goals – simple and smart contract management.

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Ready-to-use contracts

Faster and safer with our automated contractual models.

Seedfy reduces the time you waste on repetitive tasks. For example, no more copying and pasting standard clauses! Instead, invest your time in tasks that really require your legal knowledge.

Thanks to the Seedfy platform, you will be able to speed up your work by creating your own models or using those offered by Seedfy. Completely legal and ready to use with predefined flows that you can use at your convenience.

Custom models

Take control of your contracts in a personalized way

It is important that legal advisories can have specific clauses and terms, for which Seedfy allows the generation of personalized models that correctly reflect the needs and objectives of the contract.

Covering all customer needs is a priority, for this the Seedfy contract customization tool allows you to parameterize the models so that they always maintain legal veracity.