Automated contracts

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Collaborate with multiple parties and negotiate contracts while maintaining control, reducing risk, and increasing the efficiency of your team.

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From draft to revision in minutes

To reach an overall agreement, you often need input from both your co-workers and external counterparts. This can quickly become a lengthy process, especially when considering the entire contract lifecycle, such as contract creation, approval, signing, negotiation, and collaboration.

However, Seedfy automates this process while giving you access to ready-to-use and understandable templates. This way, you can easily create, review, negotiate, and sign contracts.

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Negotiate with all parties and let Seedfy generate the legal contract.


Negotiate and collaborate effortlessly

Seedfy allows you to collaborate with all parties to a contract in a simple and efficient way, maintaining a history and minimizing tensions.

  • Access, review, comment and propose changes to your contracts, all in one platform.
  • Get feedback by inviting external users to negotiate contracts.

Collaboration lets you close deals more effectively

Negotiate and collaborate without complications, and let Seedfy take care of all the legal aspects.

Through comments, suggestions and proposals for each negotiable clause within the contract, the only thing the parties have to worry about is closing the agreement. Leave the writing to Seedfy.


Maintain control and compliance

Unauthorized changes can be very expensive. Automating this process with a predefined contract flow will allow you and your entire team to generate contracts in a matter of minutes. All results of the preparation of our contractual templates will maintain their legal veracity.

When a company decides to negotiate a contract through Seedfy, it is making sure that whatever the result of the negotiation, the document will be legally drafted based on what was agreed without the need for the intervention of any third party.